In reflecting on the major issues in his life and how he has overcome them, Paul Lowe constructed the ‘HEARTS House’.

Like any good home, it is built on very solid foundations and developed from the ground up.

Our aim is to give you the support you need design your own house, so you can ‘reside’ in a very good space – one that gives you confidence to meet all the challenges the external world has to offer, because you feel secure inside.

Although the past cannot be changed, it will contain some very colourful pieces that can be used to create a new – more empowering – picture for your life!  Paul did just that with his ‘Three Pillars of Life’ approach:


Life without purpose, is like a rudderless ship being tossed around by life’s turbulent waves – lacking direction – creating a voyage of sickening fear, insecurity and suffering.


Living a life that embraces a holistic approach of health, relationships and wealth; all combining to contribute to a life that is both fulfilling and happy.


Based upon the love of humanity, we aspire to teach people to fish – rather than just feed them – so they may enjoy a purposeful, prosperous life and pass on these fruitful benefits to others.