Our approach to business is strongly underpinned not only by our values, but also by our social responsibility commitments:

  • Company Information
  • Workplace (Health & Safety)
  • Sustainability (Environment)
  • Marketplace (Quality)
  • Community

Company Information

We recognise all stakeholders – whether potential employees, new customers or suppliers – welcome transparency (developing trust) and acknowledge the importance of them feeling aligned with the company’s values.


Equal opportunities and a commitment to Health & Safety should always be at the heart of any workplace culture and this something that we wholeheartedly commit to. We work on the belief that people are an organisation’s most valuable assets and as such, must be kept safe.


The waste hierarchy – eliminate, reduce, re-use & recycle – is paramount in any carbon footprint reduction programme and as such, we actively subscribe to its environmental commitment by adopting principles aligned to the ISO 14001 framework.


Our approach to Quality Management – is represented by the procedures that underpin the ISO 9001 accreditation; this being a contributing factor for attaining a very high-level of customer satisfaction and ultimately, retention.


We are immensely proud to contribute – in a number of ways – to the work of the HEARTS Community, which is totally committed to improving the quality of people’s lives – locally & globally – by offering our HEARTS: