My Story
I was born in October 1960 within an inner-city part of Nottingham, England.  As an only child, I was influenced in my formative years by the unswerving love of my mother and grandmother – my parents split up when I was only three.

Despite my humble existence, I was happy – until the age of eight. Then the arrival of a violent stepfather triggered a stark polarization of darkness and light over four decades.

An alcohol addiction from a very early age – triggered by the violence I was experiencing – ensured my world was in constant turmoil.  Academic achievement and having three beautiful kids significantly challenged the darkness.

It was during the decade of concentrated education that I became conscious of my personal development journey.  A Degree in Education was then followed by a Masters Degree in Customer Service and Quality Management, the latter strongly influenced by eminent practitioners such as Covey, Deming, and Peters.

I now use my extremely diverse life experiences to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities – globally.  As the founder of the PaulLoweHEARTS brand, I’m totally committed to HEARTS:

Helping Everyone Achieve Results Towards Success