We all have a story to tell and – more importantly – a life-enhancing message to share.  That’s the basic rationale for offering people the chances to do just that – speak to the world!

As a published writer himself, Paul Lowe works to create similar opportunities for others by:

  • Mentoring them to express themselves in writing
  • Project managing book production from start to finish
  • Communicating regularly with writes, to feedback progress
  • Liaising with publishers, to ensure deadlines are being attained

This a proven approach.  Paul was a co-author in the Change book series, where he elaborated upon his ‘Three Pillars of Life’ approach.

I know the benefits of Paul’s ‘Three Pillars of Life’ model can be life-changing.  His journey – from pain to prosperity – has been achieved by ‘letting go’ and he now uses his passion and drive to positively change other people’s lives, globally

Jim Britt – Tony Robbins’s mentor for 5 years

Paul has also published the first of his ‘Speaking From Our HEARTS’ series and now offers the same opportunity to more potential co-authors across the globe.  See the benefits associated with this.