Relationships are the essence of life itself – starting with the one we have with ourselves.

Through our coaching and mentoring services, we will enable you to explore and improve the way you interact with others – both in your personal and professional life.

Personal relationships

We will work with you to raise your awareness of your beliefs, rules and values – all vital factors in managing your relationships effectively.

We also provide special support for women – through bespoke retreats in Spain – who are looking to transform their personal relationships.

Our associate Lyn Smith is a Relationship Transformation Expert focusing on the topic of ‘Understanding Men’ and embracing the fact that the difference between men and women is what can keep the passion alive.

By the end of the retreat, you will know how to attract or create lasting passion, peace and fulfilment in your relationship with your man.

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Professional relationships

Business thrives on strong and productive relationships.

Paul Lowe can draw on vast experience to help you develop mutually-beneficial partnerships, for the benefit of all concerned.

Paul’s track record

“Notts County is very proud of the relationship that has been established with the Sporting HEARTS charity established by Paul Lowe.  We have enjoyed the benefits of having such an active partner, through increased commercial and community activity.”  

Aileen Trew – Former Director, Notts County FC