Paul Lowe brings to bear a wealth of experience and expertise in charitable fund-raising and philanthropy.

He offers a complete package of support – both to charities in need of guidance on how to increase income and to individuals who want to learn how to be effective in ‘giving something back’.

Services include advice and guidance on:

  • Starting up a not-for-profit entity
  • Increasing donor income
  • Recruiting the right people
  • Establishing growth and sustainability
  • Organising major fund-raising events
  • Developing productive networks

Paul’s track record

Paul Lowe successfully launched Sporting HEARTS, a charity using sport and physical activity to inspire youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Over six years it positively affected more than 3,000 young lives, using income streams from a wide range of sources.

The Proporta Education Foundation is hugely grateful to Paul Lowe and HEARTS Global for their donations to our charity.  This kind of generosity makes it possible for the students we support in Sri Lanka to continue with their studies and achieve success against a background of often heart-breaking poverty.” 

Guy Monson – Director, Proporta

Watch an overview of some key considerations required to successfully support good causes locally, nationally or even internationally: